Christian Schopper  - ISBN: 9798502730921


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Is Corporate Finance really this complex web of theoretical concepts difficult to grasp and comprehend? – No, it isn´t! The discipline merely combines some basic thoughts, with most of them not even hard to understand.

This new book provides an overview of some of the most relevant Corporate Finance- related concepts. Whereby focus is on their significance in business as well as in daily practice, covering topics such as:

  • How to analyze a company in 5 minutes

  • How an IPO works

  • The main challenges in valuing a firm

  • How to assess the perfomance of a financial institution

  • How a credit rating process works

  • How to differentiate a high-yield bond from a leveraged loan

  • Why share buy-backs are actually made

  • How a firm´s capital structure changes over its life time

  • How a hedge fund works

  • What alternatives exist in restructuring a firm in distress …


Each concept - ranging from the simple question of “What is Risk?” to reflections on optimal capital structures over the life cycle of a company - is meant to give the reader a crisp and practice-relevant overview. Whereby emphasis is on the core ideas, with illustrations intentionally replacing calculations or exercises: As, for an executive, it is often more relevant to grasp a concept´s essence, whereupon being in a position to ask the right questions …