Toren is a Swiss based firm active in multiple countries, executing international transactions in Corporate Finance and in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Our partners in our global affiliate network work with us in cross-border takeovers in other countries.


When the oppotunity is right, we may take a position and invest in a company ourselves.


Here's what we do well:



We'll get your M&A deal done


Personally committed

Our partners remain personally engaged on a deal, until it is completed. All of us own a piece of the action and act accordingly. And we are success driven.

We are independent

That's why we are dedicated solely to you. We do not belong to a bank or an insurance company, we have no other agenda or conflict of interest on your deal.

We've been in the race for years

We've been in this race for years. Our track record shows

Global presence

With good international partners. In 20 locations worldwide.

Financial expertise

We crunch the numbers, prepare cash flow vaulations, apply peer group comparisons, use real M&A driven valuations. And we know the applicable yardsticks and multiples derived from the market for control and from listed companies.

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Our cross-border network works

We've got an international network that acts together well. The partners we act with in other countries have cooperated with us for many years. Time and again they have proven that we deliver for our clients, on-site at different locations through our excellent contacts to business leaders in the country and with local know how.

Transactions driven

Our objective is to close a deal, successfully, for you. We are not here to just write fancy books, we are geared to bring about the outcome desired by you.

We build the bridge for you

We help bring fresh capital to businesses; we search and find target companies to buy; we attract foreign corporations into new markets; we sell and divest companies and we act as intermediaries between jurisdictions. We know the key players. Personally.  

Industry know-how

Because we know the players so well, we often originate transactions on our own. Diagnostics, banking, media, cleantech, hightech, telecoms, old economy. And quite a lot of other business segments we know in great detail. As well as their key executives, financers and main investors in those markets.

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